Last night we returned to the ER. The doctor had told my dad Wednesday after his surgery, that if he was in pain or had to much blood in his urine that he should return to the ER and have it checked out. He had both. It was finally determined that there were blood clots that had formed after the surgery and they were preventing him from urinating properly. A catheter was placed and he was told that he probably would need it for a week. He turned to the doctor and said ” My son will be more than happy to help me change it when needed”. ( Not just happy but giddy at the thought – this had been at the top of my bucket list for years: 1.) See the new Planet of the Apes and 2.)  Change a catheter -oh joy).

My dad had also gotten blood all over his pants and could not wear them home. They gave him a pair of the hospital paper pants. He was not pleased ” You expect me to wear these in public? I will look very foolish”. I pointed out to him that he would look even more foolish wearing nothing. He agreed and put them on. Of course his main concern before leaving the room to go home was his hair. ” Give me my comb. I need to look at my hair in the mirror. I have to look decent if I am going out in public”. (In those hospital pants i doubt many people would be looking at his hair). The nurse asked him if he had a hot date. He didn’t find that amusing at all, he frowned at her and we left.