On Friday the doctor called and informed my dad that the appointment to get the stent in his bladder removed would be next week at 7:45 AM. Of course this requires him to be at the hospital to check in at 5:45. We were told that they had made my dad the first surgery of the day because they found out last time that ” George does not like to wait”. While that was very accommodating for the doctor to do, he forgot how my dad would respond to the early arrival time. ” How do they expect this old man to get there that early in the morning? Don’t they know that this old man needs his sleep?”. My dad is constantly telling the doctor that he never gets enough sleep.

What he does not realize is the amount of time he ends up falling asleep while watching TV. Or when he goes to bed early to be relaxed and ready to watch his favorite TV shows. What generally happens is that ten minutes into the show he has fallen asleep. On a positive note, when he does finally get a chance to watch his favorite shows all the way through without falling asleep, they are new and exciting to him just as if they were brand new.

So we will be there at 5:45 AM. And as my dad likes to say all we will be doing is “Hurrying up just to wait. They will have me there with my bare butt hanging out – waiting”. If only we could get them to take him the minute we arrive, throw him on a gurney and wheel him directly into the operating room. Oh well at least we should be home in time for lunch.