Over the weekend we were overflowing with pride. First there was the Greek Festival, where we got to share our pride at being Greek with everyone in Denver. The festival runs 3 days ( Friday – Sunday ). It allows you to spend three whole days with the people at Church that you usually only get to spend Sunday morning with. Yes, even cousin Nicole the feta cheese heiress was there ( oh joy ). If I were to compare participating in the festival , I would compare it to passing a kidney stone. You are very happy when it is over with. The same weekend ( Saturday – Sunday ), is Denver Pride Fest. It culminates with a huge parade on Sunday. It is like having a coming out party with 2,000 of your closest friends telling you how proud they are that you are gay. Both events have been on the same weekend for years now. ( Nice planning – right?).

On Monday my dad saw  Dr. Amy. She had very good news for him. She told him that his biopsy was negative. He turned to her and said ” So this is good news?”.  As we were leaving she asked him to stop by the lab for a blood draw. He turned to her and said ” What are you gays a bunch of vampires? This is the second time in two weeks. Why don’t you just ask me to give a weekly donation”. We went downstairs and as we entered the lab everyone yelled “Big Bad George ” ( you know like Norm on Cheers ). My dad smiled showed everyone his belt buckle and went in to have his blood drawn.