When will hospitals learn that Greeks are not a patient ethnic group? We especially hate to hurry up and wait. We got to the hospital at 7:45 as was recommended , my dad wasn’t taken into surgery until 10:15. As you can imagine, he was not thrilled with the wait. Yes there was some pre op prep work that needed to be done but that took less than a half hour. The rest of the time was spent waiting. Of course my dad was very eager to share his opinion of the situation with me ” This is silly. Here I am in this flimsy gown lying here with my butt exposed to the whole world ( I don’t think that this would be considered viewing material on you tube). Let’s get some action going here”.

Finally they came in to wheel my dad out and his departing words were ” Are you hungry? When will you eat? Where will you eat? Do you have money? Find a comfortable place to rest and wait”. And with that he was gone. I have gotten used to falling asleep in hospital waiting rooms. The worst thing that can happen is if you end up in an uncomfortable chair and go home with sore butt syndrome. You end up walking funny the rest of the day.

After the surgery, the doctor told us that there was a polyp there that needed further review. They took a biopsy and some blood but we won’t know the results until Monday. They sent my dad home and told him to rest. When we got home my dad said ” I don’t know why I am so hungry” . I told him ” Well you haven’t eaten all day”. He replied ” Well perhaps but no one should be this hungry. All I did was go to the hospital”. I am however starting to believe in miracles because my dad did just rest the rest of the day. This is something that he has never done before.