We recently learned that Aurora is the second most diverse city in the US. Over 168 languages are spoken in Aurora and we are the home to an African American Mall, two chain grocery stores from Mexico and a new Asian food mart being built across the street from the Safeway store where we shop. On our way into the parking lot at Safeway store my dad noticed that they were beginning to put the names on the shops in the food mart. ” Don’t tell me those places are going to serve that Oriental crap”. We told my dad that it was probably in better taste to refer to it as Asian Food when speaking in public. He replied ” I don’t care what you call it – it tastes like shit. Who would eat that crap?” ( And the next American Ambassador to China is ).

As we were driving around doing our shopping, we were also discussing our plans for Friday and my dad going to the hospital. ” I don’t know why they want me there at 7:45 when they won’t be taking me in for the biopsy until 9:45″. I told him there was paper work to fill out and other issues that might need to be discussed before they could begin the biopsy. ” Oh hell , I have been going to this hospital most of my life. They know all about me from top to bottom. They know where I draw the line on extraordinary measures to keep me going. More importantly they know that if they do the procedure properly, they won’t have to resort to extraordinary measures to keep me going”. ( Indeed – Friday should be a very interesting day ).