Last week my dad’s urologist phoned and told my dad that they had detected a polyp on his ultrasound and that he would like to schedule a time for a biopsy of the polyp to be taken. When he got off the phone my dad turned to my sister and said ” Well sissy you know what this means? This is the beginning of the end”. ( Of his three brothers, my dad is considered the optimist. If you don’t believe me , talk to the other two).

Later in the day my niece Jackie called to see how papou was doing. She was then told by my dad that ” They are going to remove half of my kidney”. Jackie, responding in her usual calm and collected manner and called her mom ” What the hell is happening to papou?!!”.  After a few hours she finally calmed down when she realized that it was going to be just a biopsy of a polyp and that no part of his kidney was being removed.

Later in the day my dad got a call from ” A guy named Will ” and he told us that Will had told him that ” Dr. Maroni was outsourcing his biopsy and that Will would be doing it”. We called Will back and found out that, Will was the  anethesiologist and that he needed to make an appointment with my dad to discuss with him medications he was taking and allergies that he has. And yes Dr. Maroni would still be doing the biopsy. Of course, my dad’s biggest disappointment came when he found out that the biopsy would be done this coming Friday. This Friday begins the 3 day Greek Food Festival in Denver and until this year he has never missed opening day. ( You would think Dr. Maroni could have picked another day – right?).