My dad has gotten more melodramatic as he has gotten older. Remember this is from a family where drama is considered normal behavior. A few weeks ago when he fell backwards and hit his head on the patio, my sister and i took him to the ER to get an MRI done on his head. When we brought him home he said ” I want to humbly thank you so much for taking me to the hospital and missing your TV programs”. Now really, what were we going to do? Leave him lying there on the patio? What would the neighbors think?

Last week, I took him to the store. When we returned he said ” I am so humbly grateful that you drove me to the store”. Of course from the look on his face and the fact that he did nothing but cross himself coming and going, what went unspoken was ” And thank God I made it home alive”.

Today we went grocery shopping. Yes, we normally go grocery shopping on Thursday but this had been a very stressful week and anything that could go wrong did go wrong. So here we are Saturday morning grocery shopping. When we got back home my dad said to my sister and I ” It was very gracious of you to take me grocery shopping. It is no fun going alone”. First, he hasn’t gone grocery shopping alone in years and Second, my sister and I were going grocery shopping anyway. We just figured that we would all take the same car. Therefore, I humbly apologize if this post has been to long and too stressful to read.