My dad needed to have some more blood drawn this last week. He forgot to fast before his doctor’s appointment, so he couldn’t have it drawn at that time. Since he had to fast, we made sure that he went early in the morning so that we could rush home and have breakfast. It would still be too late because “normal” people have breakfast at 7AM and that would not be possible today. This throws the whole schedule and daily routine out the window.

When we got to the out patient lab at the hospital, there was already a crowd. Once “big bad George” had registered ( everyone at the hospital knows him by that name now), we sat down. As we sat there this other elderly man came in and sat down. He was loud, obnoxious and gestured wildly with his hands ( and no he wasn’t Greek). My dad turned to me and whispered ” That is a very loud and obnoxious man. Disturbed people like that should not be running around in public”. Fortunately my dad “whispered ” to me in Greek, so even though everybody heard what he said , they didn’t understand. I told my dad that if all the people who were loud, obnoxious and disturbed had to stay at home, half the family would never leave their homes again. ( No, I won’t mention any names – they know who the are ).

Finally my dad had his blood drawn, we left the obnoxious man behind and came home to eat breakfast. It was about 8:30 – here’s hoping we never have to eat breakfast this late again.