My dad lost his glasses after Easter services. It was late ,2:30 AM, snowy and cold. He lost them somewhere between the Cathedral and the Church hall. We’ve looked all around the grounds but they have never been found. Today in Church he had his spare pair. While looking at the altar, he turned to me and said ” These glasses are great for reading but when I look at the altar through them it looks fuzzy”. Then he continued ” You know since I had my surgery for my cataracts , I don’t need glasses to drive or to see distances. I only need them for reading”.  I looked at him and asked ” Then why do you need new glasses?”. He looked at me and frowned “Well, because I lost my good pair, pay attention, what do you think we have been looking for?” . ( I see, I think ).

After receiving Communion while returning to our pew, I noticed that our cousins Nicole ( the feta cheese heiress) and Josh were in the Communion line. I turned to my dad and said ” There’s Nicole “. He looked at me and said ” No I don’t have a comb”. I told him ” No, I said there is Nicole and Josh” and then pointed at them. He looked at me and said ” Oh yeah, so really nice to see them. It will be nice to talk to them after Church. But why did you ask me if I had a comb?” ( why indeed ).