We are Greek and We are Eastern Orthodox. Over the generations the two have melded into one essence. Basically you can’t be one without the other. It is who we are as a family and how we describe our existence individually. My niece Katie was discussing with us the other day, the many people she has run into that changes Churches on a regular basis. Now keep in mind our family has gone to the same Church since we moved to Denver in 1959. She then asked my dad ” Papou, how can some people change Churches so casually?” My dad thought for a moment and replied ” Well dolly, it depends what is in your heart and how your faith has touched your heart”. He paused and continued ” It also depends on what is in your head and many people have empty heads”. He then left the room.

This deep religious devotion has followed us throughout our lives. This is the reasoning that I choose to use, when every time my dad gets in the car he starts crossing himself until we reach our destination. It most certainly has nothing to do with my driving – right?. I keep telling myself that ,however, looking at some of the expressions on his face while I am driving and the times when the pace of crossing himself speeds up ,it just might be that at times my driving enables his religious devotion. ( i passed the driving test – what more does he want?).