Every spring my dad goes through the same routine. He looks out the front window onto the front yard and declares “Those weeds are back. I must kill all those damn weeds”. The only problem is that we really have no weeds. About seven years ago, I decided to xeriscape ( You know rocks in the front and bark in the back yard – no grass ). I did it because I am lazy and don’t like yard work and it does save on the watering bill in the summer. The city of Aurora gives you “natural” plants to choose from for your yard. They are native plants, need very little water,very little maintenance and the birds and animals can feed off of them. I think it looks very pretty – my dad not so much ” Who the hell gets rid of their grass?” ( you should have heard what he said in the beginning).

So just like clockwork my dad grabs his trusty spray can and sprays the “weeds” in the front yard. He then comes back inside and says proudly ” Watch and see in a few days they will turn brown and die”. Sure enough in a few days the couple of weeds and many other of our native plants are dead. As we are pulling the dead plants out of the ground my dad will observe ” For being native plants they sure aren’t very hardy. Ever notice how many of them die every year. It’s a good thing Aurora lets us replace them for free”. ( indeed)