My dad has  had an irregular heart beat through most of his life. It was discovered in 1979 when he had his first four by pass surgeries.  Now he is a celebrity and his irregular heart beat is famous on the CU Medical Center campus. Twice a year he goes to the campus to have the new interns listen to his unusual heart beat. ( What will be next , a tell all book with a tour and book signings?).

Wednesday after his cardio therapy class, the technician came to the waiting room and spoke to me and my sister. He told us that they were having my dad stay late because his irregular heart beat was more unusual than before. We went into the therapy room to wait with him. They had contacted his cardio doctor and were waiting for him to review the charts before releasing my dad to go home. As we waited my dad became more frustrated. ” What if we are late getting home and miss something?”. I asked my dad what we might be missing, since we had nothing planned and he replied ” Well you just never know, if something is happening right now we are missing it”. ( indeed )

As we waited my dad got more impatient ” Those yo yos, they have you exercise, walk around and stretch. Of course you are going to have an unusual heart beat. No one’s heart beats normal after doing all of that”. Finally , we got word from his cardio doctor that everything was all right and that he could go home. With great relief we left the hospital and headed home. I just hope we hadn’t already missed something that might have happened.