For years we have been trying to convince my dad that when we go to a fast food place it is easier to use the drive through when we order. He has always insisted however that the service is better and for some reason that the quality of food served is better when you go into the restaurant and order in person. Also traditionally for us, Arby’s has been the place to go Sunday after Church. Today being Mother’s Day , Katie had planned to take Toni out to dinner, leaving my dad and I alone for the Sunday lunch routine.

As we left the Church and headed home my dad said ” Let’s eat something different this week. Let’s go to Burger King”. This coming from a man who has never changed an established routine in his life. We were in shock. We headed to Burger King. When we got to Burger King, I was preparing to park the car, so we could go in. I was looking to get as close to the restaurant as possible, because it was sleeting and the weather was just plain nasty.

My dad turned to me and said ” Don’t they have a drive through?”. When I told him “Yes they do”. He said “Well then use it”. I looked at him shocked and said ” But you hate using the drive through”. He replied ” What kind of a fool would get out in this kind of weather? Honestly I just don’t understand you kids sometimes. You really should start thinking more logically”.  We used the drive through, ordered and went home still in shock. Two routines, set in stone, had been changed in one day.