Yesterday, my sister and I decided ti take my dad’s medicare card and get it laminated before it got in a worse condition than it currently was. We decided that Office Max would be the best place to go. We entered the store and gave the clerk behind the counter my dad’s card. She took the card and placed it in the laminating machine. After about ten minutes she came over to us and said ” I am sorry the machine jammed and the card is stuck. You will have to come back in the morning when the manager is here for him to unjam the machine”. My sister replied calmly ” What!!! We can’t go home without my dad’s medicare card!!!”. After a few more minutes of discussion we decided to go home and return in the morning.

About half way home, we decided to return to the store and demand that someone get the card out ( I mean – what would we tell my dad?- “Sorry your medicare card was laminated to death”). After “discussing” the issue with the clerk again,and getting no results we decided to leave again. Again half way home we decided to return again. When we entered the store the clerk immediately yelled ” Lady what would you have me do?”. ( Several thoughts went through my mind)  We handed her a cell phone and told her she could talk to my dad and tell an 83 year old man with nine bypasses how she had destroyed his medicare card.

The clerk immediately picked up the machine and said she would take it to the back room and see what she could do. Another clerk , who had heard the conversation went with her.  The second clerk came back smiling a few minutes later and handed us a nicely laminated medicare card. We thanked him and left. We returned home and gave my dad his newly laminated medicare card ( Of course he will never know what happened in order to get it). He looked at the card, smiled, thanked us and then happily put it in his wallet.