Last week with Holy Week and having a rental car we didn’t go shopping in our normal Thursday routine. We ended up going on Holy Saturday, which made things even worse because we had to shop early, get home and rest for midnight services so that we could get to the Church early enough to save seats in the pew for everyone in the family ( Amazing how many people you can get into one pew if you try hard enough ). Shopping on Saturday also means that you will miss out on some of the sales that the stores have during the week.

Unfortunately , this happened with us and buying our Coca Cola. We went to Safeway ( we don’t get our coke anywhere else of course ) and we noticed the sale tags had been removed from the counters and that the coke was back to its original price. My dad was convinced that this was an outrage and approached an unfortunate clerk ” Young man, I see your coke is no longer on sale”. The clerk replied ” Yes sir, the sale ended Friday”. This of course did not satisfy my dad ” But what if a loyal customer wasn’t able to come shopping until today? Shouldn’t there be some consideration given to regular customers that shop here weekly? We can’t afford coke at these prices. Where do you expect us to buy our coke?”. The clerk apologized and told my dad that there was nothing that could be done.

As we left the store my dad my dad was angry ” If this is the way they treat their loyal, repeat customers, perhaps we should start get our coke somewhere else”. We went back the next week and bought our coke on sale but the whole incident has me considering switching to tea.