We have a new Priest at Assumption Cathedral. He is a young Priest and he is in charge of all the youth groups at the Cathedral. His first Sunday serving at the Cathedral my dad looked in the altar and said “What is that on top of his head? Has he been injured?”. I told my dad that his hair was cut with a Mohawk style and when we looked around the Cathedral we saw that his two young boys also had Mohawk haircuts. My dad just wasn’t sure that this was an  appropriate style of haircut for an Orthodox Priest. Apparently many of the other older parishioners felt the same and by Easter the young Priest and his sons had “normal” looking hair. Or as my dad said with great relief ” He looks like a real Priest, just in time for Pasca”. ( Praise the Lord ).

If there is a Priest shortage you would never know it at the Cathedral. At the very least we always have at least three Priests serving on any given Sunday. For Easter we had eight priests and the Bishop. The Altar was jammed. Traditionally before communion the Priest will bow to the congregation and the congregation bows back in return. After the Priests and Bishop had finished this ritual and we had bowed back , my dad turned to me and said ” Well I won’t need to go to cardio rehab on Monday , I have already had my workout. It will be all I can do now to walk up there and get Communion”. He did get Communion and by Monday he was rested enough to where he did have the energy to go to cardio rehab.