As usual, we had a very beautiful Easter service Saturday night at the Cathedral. Of course as usual, we got to Church extremely early. With the construction at the Church and with the people who come only on a Church holiday service, we decided that we should arrive at Church extra early to make sure we sat in the family pew. My dad had us arrive at Church at 10:30. Someone had arrived earlier and was sitting in our pew. We sat a few rows back but it just wasn’t the same. My dad was upset ” I hope we can see as well and hear the priest this far back. I hope Kathy,Nicole ( the feta cheese heiress ), and Josh will be able to find us. What kind of Easter will this be if they have to sit in another pew?”.

They did find us and thankfully we had most of the family in one pew. It is amazing how many Greek family members you can squeeze into a pew for a Christmas or Easter service. Even the chubby ones manage to squeeze into that one pew. Of course this means that everyone has to stand and sit at the same time. If someone needs to go to the bathroom , getting them room to sit when they come back becomes a major event.

After sitting for a while, my dad says ” I don’t know why we always arrive so early. They seem to always start late. I hate just sitting around”. ( indeed ) We did get some entertainment watching other families squeeze into their “family” pews. At midnight the service did begin and as usual it was a beautiful Orthodox Resurrection Service which ended around 2:30. After fasting for 40 days that lamb dinner in the Church hall was highly anticipated.