Last Wednesday was full of excitement. My dad took a fall and hit his head. After several hours, we finally convinced him to go to the ER and get checked out. ” I think this is a big waste of time. All they will do is take a scan of my head and find nothing but an empty head”. Of course when we got there the staff at the ER told my dad that that coming in was the right thing to do since you need to check for internal bleeding.

It was a busy night at the ER and this made things worse. When the nurse entered the room my dad said ” You have to promise me that I will be home in time to see NCIS. It is one of my favorite shows and I would like to be home in time to see it”. This of course didn’t happen as it takes a while to take an MRI and then have the scans reviewed by a doctor. We waited for about two hours for the process to be completed and were finally told that everything seemed to be fine but to return if my dad started to show any symptoms from the fall.

As we left my dad said ” I told you this was a waste of time. There was nothing wrong and now they know I have an empty head”. On the way home, about two blocks from the house we were side swiped by a very erratic driver.  We ended up ok, but the car was totaled. My dad in his always positive manner said ” See, if we hadn’t gone to the hospital, this wouldn’t have happened. I still have an empty head and now we don’t have a car”.  For now though, I do get to drive a very nice rental car.