As we were sitting in Church today, my dad was struggling to open a small pack of kleenex tissues. In his ever so soft indoors voice my dad said ” Now I see why the damn things were so cheap. You can’t open the damn package”. Of course after hearing this every one in the pews around us turned and offered my dad a tissue. ( I was half expecting the Priest to come out of the Altar and offer my dad a tissue). I got the package open for him and handed him a tissue. ” Finally, next time I’ll bring an axe to open the damn thing. What if I had a runny nose? There would be snots all over the place”.

With the construction on the Cathedral currently taking place, everyone has to go down stairs to exit. This results in a lot of steps for the older people. Especially since they have to then take the steps outside to climb back up to the community center for coffee and snacks. ” What are they trying to do kill off all the older people?”. ( Hopefully not until they have made a generous donation to the building fund). To make things worse there were no coffee and snacks today after Church because of a general assembly meeting. When someone asked my dad if he would be staying for the general assembly meeting, he replied ” Hell no, I don’t ever hear what is being said and the next week I would end up asking a dumb question about what was said at the meeting”.