My niece Jackie will be entering medical school next year at the University of Colorado medical center. She is all excited and of course a nervous wreck at the prospect of taking the MCAT. She has her puppy Odin helping her with her studying so she should ace the examine. Yesterday she was telling us about the opening ceremony at the Medical Center where they are accepted into the University Medical School.  “the White Coat Ceremony”. She was telling us about this ceremony and is especially excited about having papou attend. When she told my dad about the ceremony and asked if he would attend, he replied ” Well dolly this is very exciting. Of course I would be thrilled to attend. But just to make sure that we don’t waste any time with me already being at the Medical Center, I will try and schedule an appointment with my doctor. Of course this means that the ceremony must end on time because I would not want to be late for my appointment”.

Also, twice a year, my dad goes to the Medical Center to have the new interns listen to his heart. Apparently it has a very unusual rhythm and he is very popular with all the new students. He also enjoys his celebrity status. Jackie is a little nervous about this. She is afraid that papou might start to instruct her on how to listen to his heart and what to listen for. The question becomes, since papou is well known on campus and popular, will this be a good or bad thing for Jackie? ( Time will tell).