This last Saturday night we had a bit of excitement and hysteria. Of course for Greeks hysteria is almost mandatory in every situation. Late in the evening we thought we smelled something like an electrical fire in the basement. Katie acted in her usual calm and collected manner. First she screamed out loud, then she grabbed her dog and cell phone and fled the house. She called 911 and they told her everyone should evacuate the house. This is easier said than done. The dogs were asleep and my dad kept insisting he would just wait on the patio. We finally convinced my dad that the patio was still part of the house and just as he was ready to leave the firemen arrived.

My dad answered after they rang the bell and invited them inside. Very gentlemanly he asked if they would like a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. They explained that this was not a social visit and began to examine the furnace and rest of the house. When they finished they told us that there was nothing that they could detect but to immediately call them back if something else occurred. Of course after they left and things had calmed down, we realized that not only had we been slow in getting my dad and dogs to evacuate but we had totally forgotten about the cats.

Katie was still very upset and said “Papou you really do need to react more quickly and try and get out the front door faster. A fire could kill you”. My dad replied ” Oh shit dolly , just watch how fast I can move with flames licking at my ass”. ( indeed )