Wednesday my dad went to another of his cardio workout sessions. The group is a mixture of men, some have been going for a while and some are just starting. The course is about 15 weeks and the one thing that they have in common is that they all have had some sort of heart surgery. Along with the workout sessions are classes on nutrition and exercise. The sessions are supposed to last just an hour but usually last an hour and a half by the time you get the men in the room and going and then ending and out of the room again.

This particular session lasted a bit longer. Apparently one of the men was finishing his 15 weeks and they held a goodbye celebration for him. My dad was not pleased. ” Couldn’t they just tell him goodbye and that they enjoyed having him come to the sessions? Why did they have to drag things out and make us all late in leaving? I sure hope they don’t go through any of that nonsense when I finish”. I told my dad that I thought it was kind of nice for them to acknowledge someone this way. I also asked him what was so important that we needed to leave immediately. He replied ” Well , I don’t have anything today but I might have something next time and I won’t want to be late if I do”.  I can now hardly wait for his goodbye celebration – this should be lots of fun.