We are in the process of scanning all of our thousands of family pictures. One thing is for certain, this family and the extended family are well documented. We love taking pictures and smiling for pictures ( well not all of us smile for our pictures do we Toni?). While going through a group of pictures we came across a picture of my dad’s mom ( yiayia Mary ).  She died when my dad was very young and we don’t have many pictures of her. Therefore any picture that we happen to find is a real treasure to have and save for posterity.

In this particular picture , there is yiayia Mary with my dad and his brother John when they were little boys. The really crazy thing about the picture was that yiayia looked just like my sister Toni. ( poor thing ). We showed my dad the picture and he replied ” Yes that is my mom, me and brother John”. Then we mentioned how yiayia looked so much like my sister Toni. My dad got a sarcastic look on his face and said ” Don’t insult my mother that way”.  We think he was joking, sometimes it is just so hard to tell. Anyway to make Toni feel better we told her he was just joking ( why not ).

Also today, we were able to replace the feta cheese money that had been lost in the car door. This was especially important to do because now my cousin Nicole, the feta cheese heiress, won’t go bankrupt and won’t be forced to work in the grape vineyards picking grapes.