My dad recently started his cardio exercises three times a week. The group consists of a group of mostly elderly men about the same age as my dad. They gather together a few minutes before each session and discuss their various aches and pains. Each one has a harrowing story to tell about their medical history. At the end of the session , they all leave and tell each other goodbye with the same upbeat message ‘ If i don’t see you again , it has been a pleasure doing cardio exercises with you”. Just a real up beat group.

The other day when my dad came home from his cardio exercises he said ” I need to start eating more salad”. I asked him why. Apparently in the group before they started their exercises the doctors had asked them about the type of meals that they were eating. Also apparently my dad had been the only one who didn’t say he had salad with his meals. ” It was embarrassing being the only one who didn’t mention salad in their diet”. ( I thought by the time you reached your 80’s that peer pressure wasn’t a problem – I was wrong ). He now has salads with his meals and ” They are pretty damn good”.

On Fridays after the exercises, they invite the families to sit in  as the doctors discuss exercise, eating and nutrition. I’m not worried though about getting any peer pressure from members of the other families because I already eat salad with my meals.