Sunday turned out to be a very disappointing day for my dad. First we found out that they cancelled one of his favorite TV shows – the Mentalist. ” You mean to tell me that they renew a crap show like Two and a Half Men but cancel a quality show like the Mentalist?”. We did find out that another station may pick up the Menatlist but that was still no consulation. ” We watch channel 4 , even if another station picks up the show what good will that do us? This isn’t a very nice thing to do to an old man”. ( indeed )

Then we found out that my cousin Nicole, the Feta cheese heiress, had not received her money from the cheese that her dad Takis had purchased for us. Apparently Takis would not take money when he gave my dad the cheese so my dad hid the money in the crack in one of the doors on Takis’ car. ( It seems it wasn’t the drivers door ). Takis didn’t see the money, drove off and the money was never found. My dad feels that perhaps one of the Sunday school kids will find the money and turn it in. ( I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for this to happen). I just hope that this loss of money doesn’t force my cousin Nicole, the Feta cheese heiress, into bankruptcy. Will she have to go back to picking grapes in the vineyard?

On a more positive note the CU basketball team got picked for the NCAA tournament and will play their first game on Thursday. At least something good happened on Sunday.