Yesterday, I went with my dad to see the urology doctor to discuss his off again on again pain in his bladder and make sure that the bladder cancer had not returned. One of the first questions the doctor had for my dad was ” I see that you haven’t smoked for years. Are you still not smoking?”. My dad answered back ” Yes, I quit smoking years ago”. ” Good” replied the doctor ” Because smoking could potentially cause the cancer to return”. The doctor left the room for a minute and I turned to my dad and said ” Just exactly what do you call it when you are on the patio with a cigarette in your mouth?”. He turned to me very offended and replied “Yes, I light up a cigarette and put it in my mouth but I never inhale. In fact all the years I have smoked I have never inhaled”.  ( My dad should meet with President Clinton apparently they have a lot in common ).

Prior to this visit, just the day before my dad had complained of the pain returning in his bladder area. However , when he met with the doctor and was asked ” Are you in pain?”, his reply was ” Of course not. I feel great”. ( indeed ). I told my dad that perhaps the pain was due to the work outs in the cardio gym since he was using muscles that he hadn’t used in years. He replied indignantly ” Are you suggesting that I am out of shape? Just because I am an old man doesn’t mean I just sit around and do nothing. I keep very active”. We are scheduled to return in 2 weeks. At that time I my have the doctor check the pains I am starting to develop.