We watched the Academy Awards last night with my dad. He really wasn’t that excited about watching them and even offered to change the channel if “we liked”. We told him that we really wanted to watch the awards, so he reluctantly sat down to watch them with us. When Jared Leto  accepted his supporting actor award, my niece Katie said she really didn’t care for his acceptance speech. My dad replied “What are you talking about? It was a great speech. He thanked his mother. You should always thank your mother  – and God”.  When Samuel L Jackson came on stage to announce an award, my dad recognized him ” That’s the guy that does all those car commercials”. ( And he has never won an Oscar for them  – go figure ).

Of course he also had a comment on the gowns some of the women wore ” Do you know how much some of those ugly things cost? And most of them really don’t look that good in them”. Mid way through the show, my dad stated that he hadn’t seen any of the shows that were nominated. Katie asked him ” Papou would you like to go see a show with me?”. He replied ” Well not right now dolly, this really isn’t a good time since we are watching the Oscars. Maybe some other time”.

At about 9 PM he had had enough and told us he was going to bed. Later when I passed his bedroom I noticed he was watching Law and Order. This type of program makes much more sense to him since it has a plot and ends in one hour exactly.