My dad had his first appointment with the cardiac gym on Monday. It is a six week course that will hopefully help with his breathing, sleeping through the night appetite and his balance when walking. His appointment was at 11:30 and of course we went the mandatory two hours early ” Just in case the have an opening and can take us early “. Of course they didn’t and this always leads to the ” I just don’t know why the bother to make appointments , it doesn’t matter, they always make you wait”.

Finally the therapist arrived and took my dad into the gym. The initial appointment consisted of them going over paper work, the exercises that he would be doing and other information. We were told that these classes would be 3 times a week and were offered 4 times a day: 7:15, 10:15, 1:15 and 3:15. Of course 10:15 was immediately rejected because 10:00 is coffee with Medhi, forget missing that. My dad then said ” You know 7:15 would be great. You could get up early, have breakfast, go to class and be home in time for coffee with Medhi”.  I replied ” So shall we tell them to schedule you for 7:15?”.  My dad answered ” Hell no , who in their right mind wants to get up that early?”.

By the time we arrived home, we had concluded that the 1:15 class time would be the best. My dad decided to call the hospital and make his 1:15 appointment. When he called and started making his appointment, he told them he wanted the 10:15 time slot. My sister immediately said ” No dad remember we decided on 1:15″. He then told the person on the other end ” Oh that’s right 1:15, my daughter is just trying to confuse me”.