Thursday night Katie was heating some food in the microwave for her dinner. When it came time to get the food out ,the door would not open. She was able to eventually  pry the door open and get her food. Of course this was the que for my dad to see what was wrong and fix it. He pounded on it , poked the open the door button, tried the timer and nothing would work. He finally sadly announced ” The microwave is broken “.  I suppose that this particular microwave could be considered a family heirloom – it has been with us since 1999. Of course the first thing my dad was concerned about was ” How will we fix dinner tomorrow?”.  ( Use our stove? It’s fairly new, looks great and has barely been used ).

Of course the most important issue now is getting a new microwave – NOW. The sooner the better before we all starve from being unable to prepare our food. Part of the charm of the old microwave was that you could no longer read the time setting. You would punch in a number and hope that your food would be correctly cooking for that amount of time. Won’t it be novel for our food to heat properly without any guess work. We will probably go shopping for our new microwave today, but that will also depend on what happens when Medhi comes over for coffee. If Medhi approves, we will leave to look for a new microwave after they are done with their coffee. After all Medhi knows everything and we probably couldn’t function without his sound advice.