Several years ago my dad had cancer in his bladder area. It was treated and is now in remission. However, he is sure with every little pain in his bladder area that the cancer has returned. So this past week when he had some pain in his bladder of course he assumed the worst. We made an appointment and went in to see Dr. Amy. When she saw him she said that she felt it was just an infection but she would take some tests just to be sure. His blood sample turned up negative and so did his urine sample. A tech came in to do a scan of his bladder and told my dad that everything looked fine ” nothing unusual there”.  “Are you sure. I’ve had cancer in the past you know”. He almost seemed disappointed at getting negative results. Dr. Amy made an appointment with a urologist for him and gave him a prescription for the pain.

As we were leaving my dad turned to Dr. Amy and said ” This sure feels like the last time. Are you sure it isn’t cancer?” Dr. Amy replied ” Mr. Kelaidis , all your tests are negative. Let’s see if the urologist finds anything”. He replied ” Well ok, but I’m not convinced”. We picked up his pain medication and came home. Of course the first think he told Katie when she came home was ” I have cancer”. After we revived Katie and picked her up off the floor, we explained to her that it was just a bladder infection and that all his tests were negative. That urology appointment can’t come soon enough.