I have been getting my hair cut at Great Clips for several years now. It is inexpensive and most of the stylists I have had have done a very decent job of cutting my hair. When my dad found out , he just couldn’t believe it. ” I would never be comfortable with a woman cutting my hair. I have been going to Floyd the barber for 50 years now. You go in , sit down , talk sports and get your hair cut. That’s the way it was meant to be done. I just don’t know what I will do when Floyd quits cutting hair”.  ( get someone that will give him a 21st century hair cut?)

When I got home from Great Clips, I found that my dad and his friend Medhi had fixed my shower head. “You can shower but don’t let the water get behind the tile until we have a chance to seal the wall back up”.  In order for that to happen , I would have to aim the shower head directly down the opening in the shower wall – two feet above my head. It was also suggested that I might want to clean the shower before using it . There goes all the fun of showering with all those pieces of broken tile, little copper wires and dirt. My biggest fear is that the next time I am in the shower , I will turn around and see Medhi and my dad there observing. ” Don’t mind us we were just making sure that the new shower head doesn’t leak and that no water is getting behind the tile”.