This last week the shower head in my bathroom broke. It was old , the pipe rusted, broke and needs to be replaced. For most families this would be a minor problem, especially since we have two additional full bathrooms. However, I have been using my dad’s bathroom and was informed that I apparently used the wrong towel bar, left the water running and my hair is clogging the drain. Kind of makes you wonder why my shower didn’t break down years ago under all that misuse. Therefore it was imperative that we fix my shower as soon as possible. So we headed to Home Depot.

We’ve shopped at Home Depot before and they have always been very helpful with whatever we needed. We made our way back to the plumbing area and we were greeted by a man older than my dad ( he was at least 103 ). My dad approached him and said ” Young man I am looking for these pipe pieces “. He sent us to the back of the aisle where we did find the one piece but apparently the other piece was exactly where the older worker was. We went back ” Oh, I didn’t see the other piece in your hand. Let me see if I can help”.

He got down on his knees and started digging through plumbing pieces. Usually my dad is very impatient and needs immediate results. This time he didn’t seem to mind. We actually could have rebuilt the whole bathroom in the time it took this man to find what we needed. None the less, he did find the piece we needed and my dad offered to help him up. My sister and I held our breath as we envisioned them both toppling on top of each other. Once they were both standing upright we happily paid and left to head home to begin our adventure of fixing the shower head. ( the fun is just beginning ).