Because of the weather our usual Thursday grocery shopping day was postponed until Sunday. Usually that wouldn’t be such a big deal but as luck would have it we were shopping on super bowl Sunday. Every Bronco fan within a hundred mile radius was at the store getting food and drinks for their super bowl party. Of course after the super bowl, I’m sure that all the fans really wanted to do was drink – very heavily. This Sunday we shopped at Safeway and Walmart ( we are trying to get my dad to switch to Target ).

Of course since it was super bowl Sunday both places were packed. As I have mentioned before, my dad is not a patient person. The minute we walk into a store if an item on his list doesn’t magically appear then ” This store doesn’t carry this item”. Of course if we look we generally find what my dad is looking for.  So on Sunday, after doing our shopping and filling our cart it was time to check out.

And of course all the lanes were jammed with shoppers. We traveled up and down the lanes for a while. ” This lane looks good. No the clerk is too slow. Let’s try this one”. Finally we settled on a lane and waited to be checked out. As we were waiting my dad says ” I always pick the wrong lane . This clerk moves slower than molasses”. Now when we finally get to the clerk and are being checked out he says ” I think you are doing such a  great job. It is so busy and look at how quickly you are getting everyone checked out and on their way”. So ends another day of grocery shopping. Now we can look forward to going home and unloading the car – not as easy as it might sound.