This is kind of our family version of Where’s Waldo. My dad tries to visit his friend James at the nursing home on a daily basis. The main street by the house – Peoria- goes straight to the nursing home making it it easy for my dad. However , this has recently changed with the construction of the light rail line since it goes down Peoria. Because of this Peoria is closed at times, leaving my dad to look for other travel routes to go visit James.

Yesterday when talking to Katie he asked her to find an alternative route that he could take. Katie uses her new cell phone by speaking into it to get directions ( my dad thinks that this is so clever – ” What will phones do next?” ). So he told Katie ” Find out how I can get to James”.  “Where is he papou?”.  To which he replied ” Just ask the phone how I can get to James from here “. Katie explained to him that she just couldn’t tell the phone “Find James. I need an actual address. Do you know how many people named James there are in the metro Denver area?”.

Finally my dad gave Katie the address to James’ nursing home. My dad was finally given an alternative route to use to go and see James. However, he was not pleased with the route he was given ” That’s to far to go with too many twists and turns. I will never find my way there and even if I did I could never find my way back. Hell, forget it, I will just drive over to Quebec and head north. I should be able to find James that way”. ( I suppose that if he doesn’t return in a timely manner that we will be playing our own game of Where’s George ).