My dad finally went to his first  physical therapy session. The doctor recommended  this therapy after his last fall. I will probably need months of mental therapy by the time my dad finishes his physical therapy. As usual we left early ( one hour early ). The reasoning behind this – ” You never know they may finish with a patient early and be able to take me early and then we can leave early and get home sooner”. ( What could possibly go wrong with this?)

We arrive early and decide to use the valet parking, since my dad really still isn’t walking that well. When we got to the hospital, the place was packed and the line for the valet parking was backed up. “Well now I hope you appreciate getting here early. If we had left later, I might have been late”. As we got closer, one valet motioned us in a direction. ” He wants you to go that way. Oh wait that guy wants you to go that way”. I told my dad that he was being distracting and that I needed quiet to concentrate and not get in an accident.  He replied ” I don’t know way some people don’t appreciate when others are trying to help them. You’re the driver, do what you want, but don’t blame me if we don’t get parked on time”. We finally reached the hospital entrance and the valet parked the car. As we entered we knew that physical therapy would be on the fourth floor. I figured I would stop by information and find out where the mental therapy took place. My dad will be busy with his therapy and it will be a good use of my time to prepare for the ride home.