I have mentioned before that we only watch one TV station in our house – channel 4 ( CBS nationally ). This was Walter Cronkite’s news station and this is where our remote is frozen. I personally haven’t watched the local or national news for years. For me journalism died in America when Cronkite died. My dad however, watches the news without fail.

So the other night we were watching channel 4 – one of our favorite shows – Two Broke Girls. One of the characters on this show was reading an old magazine but did not realize how old it was. Suddenly this woman blurts out ” Oh my God Michael Jackson died”. My dad turned to us and said ” Michael Jackson is dead? When did this happen?”.  Now I’m not sure if my dad’s memory has gotten really bad or if they forgot to mention this on CBS. From what I have seen of the news recently, it wouldn’t surprise me if CBS had forgotten to mention it.

The local station channel 4 was opposed to legalizing pot and now they are doing their best to try and convince everyone we were wrong to do so. My dad did vote to legalize, but after watching channel 4 he is convinced that Colorado will break out in  a case of refer madness. ” With the booze it is bad enough, but now we will have a bunch of drunken pot heads running around”. I told him I would prefer that to a bunch of republicans but again he did not see the humor in my statement. Now when we drive around town , we will have to make sure that the doors are locked and windows rolled up because who knows what might happen when we pass one of those pot shops. ( I plan to roll down my window and inhale ).