We have been trying to give away a NordicTrack exerciser for more than a year now. Yeah, I know we probably could put it to good use but since that isn’t about to happen we felt that we should give it to someone that would really use it. Finally, my dad contacted the ARC and they said they would pick it up. They told him that they would be over early Tuesday morning to pick it up. He told me ” Well I’m glad they are picking it up but I don’t like the idea of having to get up early to put it out for them”.

I told him that we could just put it on the front porch on Monday and it would be there Tuesday morning for them to pick up.  ” But what if someone comes by and takes it? What will we tell ARC?” I explained to him that we had been trying to give it away for over a year now and nobody has wanted it. ” What are the odds that a NordicTrack thief will drive by the house on Monday?” My dad replied ” Well I am still going to put a sticky tab on it that says ‘this is for the Arc store, anybody else please do not take’ “.  ( Indeed). Personally, I will just be glad to have the damn thing gone and I hope ARC is able to put it to good use and make some money off of it. I guess this also means that I will have to take a few more daily walks.