In December, my niece Jackie and I enrolled in Medicaid under the expansion of Obamacare. We went to the Center (GLBT ) and used the navigator there to help walk us through it. Jackie was enrolled that day and we were told that my enrollment was still pending. By January 1st I still had not heard about my enrollment, so I called the navigator at the Center and went there the next day to see if she could find out what had happened. After several phone calls we found out that all that was needed was a copy of my birth certificate. Since I didn’t have one with me, I would have to rush home  ( during rush hour ) grab it and return to the Center. If we faxed it in that day, I could still qualify for the January 1 enrollment date.

I rushed home, grabbed my certificate and returned to the Center. I felt very good about meeting the enrollment deadline and returned home. When I returned home my niece Katie was frantic. ” Papou said you ran in grabbed a piece of paper and left and he hasn’t heard from you since. He was wondering how long we should wait before calling missing persons”. Now, when I came home and ran in and out I did tell him where I was going but apparently he didn’t hear. Of course the first thing he asked me was ” What kind of paper was so important that you had to rush out of the house without having a proper conversation?” We sat down and I explained the whole situation to him. He was relieved about the medicaid and the fact that I had returned, but we also decided to communicate more effectively in the future.