Actually none of our dogs use diapers. However, the new puppy Dart does use a doggie training pad. Because of his size, he stays in a kiddie play pen and doesn’t go outside the way the other dogs do. Therefore he needs a training pad. He is really good and was really easy to train. He poops and pees right on the pad. Shopping for the pads with my dad can be an adventure though. When we go into the store my dad will ask for doggie diapers. Of course the clerks always look puzzled and tell my dad they have never seen a doggie diaper. ” What kind of a pet store doesn’t carry doggie diapers?”. To which the clerk usually will reply ” But sir what kind of dog wears a diaper?”.

Finally when we straighten things out, and the clerk understands that we are looking for doggie training pads, he points us in the right direction. I tell my dad he needs to be more accurate when asking for something like the doggie pads. ” Well what kind of an idiot would think that I would actually be looking for a diaper to put on a dog? You know people in this country are becoming dumber each day. Can you imagine putting a diaper on a dog?” Dart probably would look very cute in one but he probably would also chew it off.