We have had a family tradition on New Years of watching the ball drop in Times Square at midnight and then going out for breakfast at Village Inn pancake House. As my dad has gotten older, we have gone to breakfast earlier and then come home to watch the ball drop in Times Square. This year we decided that nine would be the best time to go , so off we went to Village Inn. When we arrive , the place was virtually empty. We were seated quickly and asked the waiter if he would be ready for the midnight rush.  “Oh, we close at midnight now. We haven’t been open 24/7 for over a year now”.

The waiter left with our order, but the midnight closing had disturbed my dad very much. ” How can they close at midnight? Where will we go to celebrate New Years?”. I pointed out to my dad that we were there at nine and that it really hadn’t bothered our plans at all. He replied “But what about all those people that will be out at a party and then at midnight go to Village Inn only to find locked doors?”. I told him we could invite them over for breakfast but he didn’t find that to be funny. ( His sense of humor just isn’t what it used to be ). We finally concluded that the best option would be to go to The International House of Pancakes next year. We will still go at nine, but this will give the rest of the people in Metro Denver another option.