Being huge college football fans, this is a great time of the year. From now until after New Years it is college football bowl game season. A very exciting time for college football fans ( of course even more exciting if your team is actually in one of the bowl games ). As in past years I printed out a schedule of all the bowl games for my dad. I handed him the printed schedule and we were ready for the games to begin. The next day my dad came to me with a stack of papers and said ” Would you please cut these up for me into strips so I can make a note pad. I cut them up and the note pads were made.

Then the day after that we sat down to watch our first bowl game. We searched and searched for the printed bowl game schedule, but it was no where to be found. Finally it dawned on my my what had happened. ” You cut up my bowl game schedule”. I replied ” You gave me the papers and asked me to cut them up”. To which my dad replied ” Do you just automatically cut things up without reading them first? Why would you do that?” ( why indeed). I printed up another bowl game schedule and hung it on the wall where it can’t be touched. I also might add that brilliantly crafted note pads still haven’t been used. But we are now ready for college football bowl game season. Let the games begin.