My dad doesn’t smoke. Honest, he really doesn’t smoke. Well at least he shouldn’t be smoking anymore. After his first heart by pass surgery in 1979 the doctor advised him not to smoke any more. When my mom was around he was eating healthier and smoke free. After my mom passed, I would go visit my dad and the patio would always smell of smoke and there would be an ashtray full of ashes. My dad would say ” Medhi came over to visit and he likes to smoke, so we sat on the patio to talk and he could smoke. This keeps that smoking smell out of the house”. So either Medhi was a very heavy smoker and visited quite often or the dogs were sneaking a cigarette at night while everyone was asleep.

When I moved in with my dad I could still smell the smoke on the patio. One night I happened to see him smoking on the patio. ” I thought you weren’t supposed to be smoking any more.He replied ” Medhi left this last one and it seemed a shame letting it go to waste”. ( indeed ) After that I never did see my dad smoking again. However, the patio still smelled of smoke and the ashtray was still full. My nieces told me that my dad had told them ” Don’t tell your uncle that I smoke. He will have a fit”. I figure being 83 and with nine by passes and a new heart valve, it won’t be the cigarettes that kill him. Just as long as the dogs don’t start.  That would make the patio a real mess.