Or phyllo if you choose to be more accurate. Today, part of my niece Katies shopping list included filo so she could do some holiday cooking. How hard could it be to find filo – right? So we began our usual Thursday grocery shopping. As soon as we entered the store my dad declared ” I don’t see filo anywhere ” . Since we were standing in the middle of the produce department surrounded by oranges, apples and other fruits, I wasn’t all that surprised not to find filo there. And our search began. Finally after looking for at least two minutes my dad became exasperated and looked for a clerk. ” We have too many other serious things that need to be done than wasting our time looking for filo” . ( indeed)

Finally, we found a clerk ( much to his regret ) and asked him where the filo was located. Of course the first thing he asked was ” What’s filo?”. My dad tried explaining to him what filo was and that it was used to make Baklava ( The clerk did know Baklava ). Yet the clerk did not know where to find the filo, so he asked another clerk. The second clerk replied ” We quit selling that a while ago”. My dad was in disbelief. ” Who the hell doesn’t sell filo? The Greeks have been around for over five thousand years and they always used filo. What kind of a grocery store doesn’t sell filo? Don’t you know Greeks need to bake?”. We left and fortunately went to King Soopers where they did have the filo. This prevented having a cooking crisis over Christmas.