January 2014 will mark the 20th anniversary of my mom’s passing. Therefore per Greek Orthodox tradition, on Sunday the 12th we will have a memorial service for my mom after regular Church services. The custom also is to give the priest a list of names of other relatives  who have passed to also be read at the service so that they will also be remembered – “may their memories be eternal”. So, my dad sat down with pen and paper to make his list. When he was done he had over 200 names on his list. Katie asked him “Papou ,why so many names?”.  He replied ” Well dolly, when you are as old as I am you know a lot of dead people”. We pointed out to him and finally convinced him , that Church services were very long to begin with and to have the priest read off 200 names might upset many people at Church who were hoping to get home while it was still daytime. We finally got him to agree to have the priest only mention my mom and that we would keep the memory of the other relatives in our hearts.

My dad loves sending and getting Christmas cards. No e-cards for him he likes the real thing. Yesterday he got a card that was signed ” Marry Christmas from Ed and Nancy”. ” Isn’t this nice?, but who in the hell are ED and Nancy?”  As it turned out the card was from our ex-congressman Ed Perlmutter, who is a nice guy and family friend. My dad is now in the process of sending Ed and Nancy a Christmas card, if he can only find a stamp.