Those are words that no one really wants to hear, but that is exactly what we faced on Monday morning. This is an old house (1959) with old plumbing and the sink gets clogged frequently. This eventually needs to be overhauled, but for now the short term fix is to hook a hose up to the sink downstairs and flush hot water into the pipes upstairs. ( What could go wrong with that?). Now, my dad has been doing this for several years on his own. This time however, once he hooked up the hose downstairs , he had me go down stairs to turn the water on. He has trouble going up and down the stairs from time to time.

So, there I was by the sink when he yelled ” Turn the hot water on” and I did. Then he yelled ” Is it on? We don’t seem to have any pressure up here. What’s going on?”. The answer was simple – he hadn’t hooked the hose up correctly and once the water was turned on, I ended up drenched.  As my dad looked down the stairs at me he said ” If I were you,I would get out of those wet clothes as soon as possible so you don’t catch a cold” ( indeed). I changed, we hooked up the hose properly and got the sink upstairs draining properly again. Won’t it be fun when the sink clogs again?