My dad asked me to help him file his paper work. Apparently it had been several months and he had gotten behind. Simple enough right? Now this is a man that has a four drawer filing cabinet filed and several boxes on the floor for the paper work that wouldn’t fit into the cabinet. Also, as he explained his filing system to me, I realized that the NSA, FBI and CIA working together couldn’t hack into his complex system – pure brilliance.  For instance Aetna Insurance is not filed under “I” for insurance but instead under “A” for Aetna Insurance. He is also keeping the records for his friend James ( now in a nursing home ). My biggest fear is that when James passes , we won’t be able to find the proper paper work in  this complex system and will end up having to bury him in the back yard. ( That would really mess up the landscaping ).

My dad was also eager to show me where the paper work to my coffin was and where I would be located.This would ensure that I would be with the rest of the family for ever. ( I guess this was meant to be something positive ). Apparently though with my particular coffin there wasn’t room next to the family when it was purchased, so I will be moving around for a while until a permanent location is actually needed. It would be nice to get something with a view of the mountains.