Today my dad had an appointment to get his stitches removed that he had gotten from his fall last week.  This of course is a normal routine for most people. -most people not us. So we leave for the hospital at our normal hour early arrival time. I mean after all you just never know ” They may take you in early”.  So far that has never happened but we keep trying.  When we finally arrived at the hospital it was jam packed, people all over the place. We decided to use the valet service – it is free and my dad really can’t walk well long distances.

As we approached the entrance to the hospital, one of the valet drivers motioned us forward. Apparently my dad did not see this ” What are you doing, I never drive to the front doors for the valet parking?” I replied ” But he motioned me forward”. My dad replied back ” Well I sure hope you know what you are doing. I would hate to end up driving round and round again and miss my appointment”. Good thing we were there an hour early – right? As the valet parker approached the car my dad suggested ” If I were you I would roll down the window so I could hear what he has to say”.  Damn, I was hoping to get a chance to use my sign language. The man asked ” Will you be here very long?”. My dad told him ” Well I have to get stitches removed. We aren’t sure how long we will be. Don’t park the damn car so far away that I will be here standing in the freezing cold while you retrieve it. Thanks, have a beautiful day”. When we were done and came out, we found that they had parked the car right by the entrance to the hospital, ready and waiting for us. My dad has pull – right?