My niece Katie and I were able to get tickets for the Saturday night football game between Colorado and Southern California. However, we were reluctant to leave my dad at home by himself after his fall earlier in the week. My niece Jackie volunteered to come and watch the game with my dad and do some studying for school. When we told my dad that Jackie would be spending Saturday night with him and watching the game he stated point blank ” That’s fine if Jackie wants to come and visit but I don’t need a damned babysitter “. With this match and attitude what could go wrong?

We went to the game but left at halftime because it was very cold and it didn’t look like Colorado would have a chance to win the game. When we got home and Jackie left my dad said ” It was nice having Jackie over here. She helped me wash my sheets.  Boy can she talk. I missed Colorado’s first touchdown in the game because she was talking and I’m not sure about what”. (It’s true the women in the family are very good at expressing themselves for long periods of time).

My dad also had decided to eat before Jackie came over because ” She eats all that crazy shit and she doesn’t eat meat”. ( Jackie is a vegetarian and doesn’t eat meat ). ” I’m sure we have something in the refrigerator that she can eat, but I want to eat real food”. It really is a shame the two of them don’t spend more quality time together.