My niece Katie volunteers at the African help Center. As a result of this she volunteered to pick refugees up at the airport when they arrive in Denver. Her first assigned pickup was a refugee from the Congo. When she told my dad that she would need the car Wednesday night to pick him up at the airport he replied ” There are over a million black people in the metro area and they choose my grand daughter to pick this man up” “What’s the matter with him? Is he too good to take a cab?”

Katie replied ” But papou he is a refugee, he doesn’t speak English. He has family here that he will live with but they don’t have a car to pick him up”. This made my dad unsure if this man should even come here at all. ” If he can’t speak the language why the hell is he coming here? No wonder he can’t get a cab”. With my dad still not convinced, Katie and I soon left for the airport.

As it turned out, we ended up not actually picking up someone from the Congo. Katie had filled out the forms incorrectly. She felt she could at least speak French to someone from the Congo. Instead we ended up picking up a young man from Nepal. After picking him up and getting him in the car to take him to his family, all we could do was nod, smile and say “Nameste” over and over again. Fortunately the guy was tired from his flight and nodded of in the car until we arrived at his new home. I can hardly wait to see who we get to pick up next.