Saturday morning my niece Katie had an appointment at the spa. So bright and early she got up, got in the car and left. A few minutes later my dad’s phone rang and after a brief conversation he came rushing into my bedroom. ” Katie called, she is broken down. We have to save her!”. So we literally jumped into my car to go find Katie and save her. She hadn’t gotten that far and before long we did find her. The battery appeared to be dead at first. Then my dad turned the key in the ignition and the car started. We decided that Katie would drive the car home with us following close behind.

Once we got home my dad checked the battery again – it seemed to be alright. Katie was told that she could safely drive to the spa as long as she didn’t turn on any appliances in the car. ” No radio, no heat, no lights, sit up straight, don’t lean to the left, don’t lean to the right and you should be ok”. ( Sounds like a pleasant drive – doesn’t it?).

As it happened we were on our way to Church for a special service. All the way there my dad kept asking ” Do you think she arrived safely?” Finally on our way home from Church after the service , my dad gave Katie a call. She was back at home from the spa safe and sound and apparently hadn’t broken down again. ” Stay where you our, we don’t want to have to come and save you twice in one day”.  ( This rescue stuff is very stressful and exhausting).